A-B Forecast / Order Classification and Blocked Stock Monitoring Screens Integration in Arcelik

>A-B Forecast / Order Classification project

Supply chain (SC) department of Arcelik A.S. gets sales orders of several customers from more than 145 countries all around the world and calculates production requirement according to these orders. Then, SC shares production requirements in SKU basis with production planning (PP) units of facilities to satisfy these orders. Although, some of these orders are urgent, SC does not give any prioritization rule or information to PP. For urgent products, Order Management (OM) team directly communicates with PP to get production manually at the early part of scheduling horizon. Moreover, after the completion of manufacturing operations, products go through the quality control process where some of them fail to pass and return back to manufacturing line to rework. Rework required products (RRP) cannot be monitored and prioritized by the SC of Arcelik A.S. As a result, on-time in full (OTIF) level of Arcelik A.S. decreases while stock level is increasing. A-B Forecast / Order Classification and Blocked Stock Monitoring Screens Integration projects solves stated problems. ➥

Privacy Preserving Computing in the Cloud

PRACTICE Europe Distribution

PRACTICE has assembled the key experts throughout Europe and will provide privacy and confidentiality for computations in the cloud. PRACTICE will create a secure cloud framework that allows the realization of advanced and practical cryptographic technologies providing sophisticated security and privacy guarantees for all parties in cloud-computing scenarios. With PRACTICE users no longer need to trust their cloud providers for data confidentiality and integrity: Due to its computation on encrypted data, even insiders can no longer disclose secrets or disrupt the service. This opens new markets, increases their market share, and may allow conquering foreign markets where reach has been limited due to confidentiality and privacy concerns. PRACTICE enables European customers to safe cost by globally outsourcing to the cheapest providers while still maintaining guaranteed security and legal compliance. ➥

NOVOSOFT Warehouse Management and SOLVOYO Order Decision Support Systems Integration in A-101

Layout with racks

A-101 is one of a discount supermarket chain in hard discount retail sector in Turkey. They are growing rapidly in the market and they aim to use technology in their system more effectively. To achieve their goal, first, it is planned to make improvements in warehouses to meet the further demand of the stores that will be opened in the future. These improvements include an integration of warehouse management system together with rearrangement of physical environment of the warehouses. Secondly, they have decided to use a decision support program to manage orders of stores. This project analyzes the current situation and states proposed solutions to pointed out problems. ➥

Towards Lean Manufacturing in Ulusoy Electric

Future Value Stream Map

Ulusoy Electric aimed to respond customer demands and requirements as quickly as possible with high quality and low priced products while increasing profitability. On the other hand, the company complained long production lead-times because of wastes in their production processes. Our project revealed out the root causes and extent of these wastes by drawing value stream map of the current system where the lead-time was 58 days and only 1.8% of this lead-time was value-added time. Then, we prepared a future value stream map to propose solutions based on lean production principles. Within the scope of the project, the stated action plan covered next three years and various parts of the company to transform the current push production system into a pull (lean) production system. It was projected that application of project could decrease the lead-time to 17.5 days. Moreover, part of action plan covering copper parts production processes and sheet metal supply processes were put into practice with success. ➥

Improvement of the 11th Warehouse in ISDEMIR

Transfer chart

As an IE399 student, my summer training was performed in System Development Unit of ISDEMIR with a team of three engineers. We were responsible from the improvement of the 11th warehouse. As a team, we find three main problems inside the warehouse area which are floor planning, modernization and logistic problems. This report presents company‚Äôs identity card and system explanation at the beginning. Secondly, I give comprehensive explanations of the problems. Then, solutions and their evaluations are introduced. Finally, a conclusion is drawn. Moreover, there is a part which includes my evaluation about working as a member of a team. ➥