Article for an International Academic Journal

CAIE Journal

A major aim of the journal is to foster international exchange of ideas and experiences among scholars and practitioners with shared interests all over the world. In that scope, the article has been prepared based on the thesis article of Cem Kazan... ➥

Thesis Defence by Cem Kazan

Thesis defence presentation

To achieve Master of Science (MSc) degree, thesis defence is the last step. At that last step, Cem Kazan presented his thesis on January 30, 2018 at room ENG B15 in Koc University. The committee of the thesis defence had three members that were... ➥

Key Users Took Their Certificates

Vista shot

Bilge Adam and Arcelik cooperatively organized a 3-week long Microsoft Office Key User Training Program. 12 selected Arcelik employees participated this program. After the program, participants took their certificates. ➥

Arcelik PRACTICE Project Team Took Their Rewards

Parlayanlar ceremony

The Privacy-Preserving Computation on the Cloud (PRACTICE) project was successfully completed. Arcelik took € 202.598 from the project as a non-refundable grant investment. Arcelik management rewarded this success of PRACTICE project team. ➥

PRACTICE Project Successfully Finalized

Final review meeting

The PRACTICE project successfully finalized all objectives and work plans during the third and final project period. There have been numerous events... ➥

CPDF Workshop was Held on Istanbul between October 13-14

Workshop participants vista shot

The Certified Professional in Demand Forecasting (CPDF) curriculum was launched in 2007 as a new voice in the forecaster training world. In contrast to... ➥

A New Adventure: Koc University Industrial Engineering Master Program

Koc logo

Cem Kazan was accepted to Koc University Graduate School of Sciences and Engineering, Industrial Engineering master program with the full scholarship. The language of the program is 100% English. The program is comprised of... ➥

Bilkent University Graduation Ceremony 2011

Graduation ceremony

Bilkent University 2011 Graduation Ceremony took place at ODEON on Thursday, June 16. Students attended the ceremony with their caps and gowns. At the ceremony... ➥

Towards Lean Manufacturing Project was Rewarded

Award ceremony

In the 2010-2011 academic year, 20 different projects competed in the 9th Industrial Engineering Project Fair. After a year of intense and self-sacrificing work, successful projects have received their awards. ➥

Bilkent Dorms Backgammon Tournament Champs Crowned

Backgammon tournament leaders

Organized for students living in the dormitories, the second backgammon tournament of the season has come to an end. The competition began at the start of November with both students and staff participating. The tournament... ➥

Zulfu Livaneli Visits Bilkent

Program host

Wednesday was a day of nostalgia as Zulfu Livaneli, acclaimed musician, songwriter, activist and novelist was at Bilkent to speak at a conference organized by Bilkent Kultur ve Iletisim Toplulugu. ➥

An Invitation Letter from Ali Dogramaci

Bilkent logo

Prof. Ali Dogramaci, rector of Bilkent University, has celebrated the success of students that have highest grades in the OSS 2005 examination. Moreover, he has invited them to educate in Bilkent University... ➥

Success Comes with Hard-Working

Awards to students

At the end of a challenging educational year, more than two million candidates have taken the General University Entrance Examination. The exam included 180 questions and candidates had three hours to solve them. Results were declared on July.. ➥