PRACTICE Project Successfully Finalized

Final review meeting

The Privacy-Preserving Computation on the Cloud (PRACTICE) consortium executed successfully the final review meeting on 19-20th December 2016 in Brussels. The project was assessed with excellent progress, so the project team fully achieved their objectives and technical goals for the period and have even exceeded expectations. According to the reviewers and the original objectives of the project are still relevant in the current, evolved market condition, and have been achieved within the time and resources available to the project. Ultimately, PRACTICE delivers excellent potential for further exploitation of its results, both from scientific and commercial point of view.

Message from the Coordinator

The PRACTICE project successfully finalized all objectives and work plans during the third and final project period. There have been numerous events and achievements since the last issue of the PRACTICE newsletter. The project partners participated in various workshops, meetings and conferences dedicated to the dissemination of PRACTICE, as well as to support progress of the project. Among the main events were the technical meeting in Tel Aviv, Israel in April 2016 and the technical, General Assembly and Advisory Board meeting in Porto, Portugal in September 2016. Partners were immersed in vivid discussions about the technical progress and further planning of PRACTICE beyond the project lifetime. It is with great pleasure to announce that the objectives targeted in PRACTICE were reached and the project successfully ended in October 2016. Knowledge and technology gained within the project will help to maintain and further increase competitiveness of the cloud computing market, as well as of the project industry partners.

Arcelik has Taken € 202.598 from the Project Budget

PRACTICE has been a very well managed project with strong technical leadership and effective project management. All Work Packages have shown good handling of the activities and research challenges, both from the execution and planning point of views. Furthermore, participant companies of the project have been funded by the project budget where the total project funding budget was € 7.550.000. Arcelik has taken approximately 3% of this budget as a non-refundable grant investment.