CPDF Workshop was Held on Istanbul between October 13-14

The Certified Professional in Demand Forecasting (CPDF) curriculum was launched in 2007 as a new voice in the forecaster training world. In contrast to conventional training programs for forecaster certifications that are based on listening to overviews on statistical forecasting techniques along with a rote memorization of multiple choice exam questions, the CPDF curriculum emphasizes blended learning to master the collaborative process of performing the forecasting function quickly and easily while successfully completing forecasting review cycles.

Forecasting review cycle

The CPDF qualification will address multidimensional job roles in agile product/service demand forecasting such as data display and validation, database management, dashboard display, understanding quantitative and qualitative techniques, predictive visualization, model creation and execution, rolling forecasting, forecast accuracy measurement, model and forecaster performance analysis, organization, and collaborative planning.

Workshop class in Istanbul

The last CPDF workshop was held on Istanbul between October 13 and 14. Hans Levenbach (PhD) met with participants as an instructor of the workshop. The workshop covers the topics of

  • Determining Customer Needs, New Product Requirements and Location-specific demand patterns
  • Utilize Proven Data Analytics for Analysis and Predictive Visualization and Reporting
  • Structuring Forecast Decision Support Database for Automated Forecasting
  • Preparing the Most Important Drivers for Forecasting New and Existing Products and Services
  • Designing an Effective Forecast Support System for Decision Making
  • Identifying the Most Appropriate Accuracy Measures and Applying Them Correctly
  • Developing Causal Regression Models for Forecasting Trend, Cycles, Seasonal and Promotional Patterns
  • Selecting the Final Forecast Numbers With Field Sales Input in a Collaborative Framework
  • Measuring Risk and Creating Forecast Ranges in an Uncertain Demand Forecasting World
  • Implementing a Sales and Operations Process While Breaking Down Organizational Silos
  • Analyzing the Business Environment From a Multi-Impact Perspective
  • Eventhough All Forecasts are Wrong, Know How to Reconcile Baseline Demand Forecasts, Models and Field Forecasters
  • Developing Rolling Forecasts to Optimize Budgeting and Financial Cycles
  • Implementing and Supporting World-Class Forecasting Practices

Participants took their certificates of completion at the end of the workshop.

Workshop participants vista shot Workshop certificate