A New Adventure: Koc University Industrial Engineering Master Program

Cem Kazan was accepted to Koc University Graduate School of Sciences and Engineering, Industrial Engineering master program with the full scholarship. The language of the program is 100% English. The program is comprised of at least seven courses conditional on not being less than twenty-one credits in total. Moreover, a thesis study is the pre-requirement for the graduation.

The research areas of the program are diverse, including Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Service Operations, Production Systems, Stochastic Processes, Financial Engineering, Mathematical Programming, Data Mining and Bioinformatics. The programs are built on the basic methodologies of operations research and their applications in manufacturing, distribution and service industries. Graduates of the M.Sc. program have been placed in respectable Ph.D. programs in North America, Europe and Turkey as well as various professional positions in industry.

Koc University acceptance letter