Success Comes with Hard-Working

University examination results

At the end of a challenging educational year, more than two million candidates have taken the General University Entrance Examination. The exam included 180 questions and candidates had three hours to solve them. Results were declared on July and once more time it was realized that success is no coincidence. With seven years of education in Ibni Sina Anatolian High School and intensive exam preparation process, Cem Kazan listed as the 206th place in this examination and deserved to educate in Bilkent University Industrial Engineering department with full scholarship.

To pay for the success, Final Dershaneleri organize an award ceremony in Isos Hotel. Mehmet Soydan, Aziz Yazar (Senators of Hatay), Sevket Ertem (General Manager of Final Dershaneleri) and Mustafa Balbay attended the ceremony. Plaques, Nutuk of Ataturk and a small gold were given to the students as a reward.

Awards to students