Thesis Defence by Cem Kazan

To achieve Master of Science (MSc) degree, thesis defence is the last step. At that last step, Cem Kazan presented his thesis on January 30, 2018 at room ENG B15 in Koc University. The committee of the thesis defence had three members that were Prof. Metin Turkay from Koc University (also he was a thesis advisor), Prof. Emre Alper Yildirim from Koc University and Asst. Prof. Utku Koc from MEF University.

Thesis defence presentation

The title of the thesis is "An Optimization Model for the Incorporation of the Cultural Environment in the Aggregate Production Problem. This thesis aims to fill gaps in the current body of knowledge by combining economic, environmental, social, and cultural factors of sustainability within the aggregate production planning model.

Thesis defence presentation

The thesis accepted by the jury and Cem Kazan achieved MSc degree. He graduated from the Koc University with GCPA of 3.14. He has taken 10 courses with 21 credits during his university education in Koc University where the education language is 100% English. The taken courses by Cem Kazan are listed below.

Course Code Course Name Credit
ENGL 500 Academic Writing 0
INDR 501 Optimization Models and Algorithms 3
INDR 503 Stochastic Models and Applications 3
INDR 520 Network Models and Optimization 3
INDR 530 Decision Analysis 3
INDR 573 Financial Engineering 3
INDR 583 Supply Chain Modelling and Analysis 3
INDR 584 Logistics Management 3
INDR 590 Seminar 0
INDR 595 Master Thesis 0
After thesis defence presentation photo